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“ Defunding the police is a bad policy. Hi, I’m Skiboky Stora, after I was mistakenly identified and shot at the Charles Gay Men’s shelter in New York City I was then arrested for False allegations because the shelter system in New York City is corrupt. I Will correct this! ”

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Skiboky Stora is running for mayor of New York City in the up coming General election on November 2, 2021. Because our kids and all New Yorkers are victims of gun violence, Mr.Stora is the only candidate for Mayor of New York City that can put a stop to this violence in our city.

I can speak for the people that are homeless because I was once homeless my self. I will stand up for the people that are down and out because it is the right thing to do. There has been no other candidate who has had the hands on experience as I have had and I will correct the corrupt system.

Hi i’m Skiboky Stora, a member of the Movement of Freedom aka The Donald Trump Movement. This is a movement for the American people to run their country not the American government.

For example, New York city is a “sanctuary city”, and is considered the most corrupt city in America, where nine million souls are enslaved by the men and women that are running the City of New York. 

The crime rate is 75 percent, Where is Mayor Blasio and Commissioner Shea i’m a taxpayer and a Christian and if you believe in my platform then vote for me and all the other independent candidates on November 2.

The movement of freedom - Skiboky Stora

Independent Party Outlaw Breaker

Skiboky Stora face off with Mayoral candidates

I’m compassionate about Homeless people being miss treated because I was shot three times in a homeless shelter, it’s such a shame that these corrupted people has so much anger for homeless peoples in the City of New York

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In America in all 50 states We only have a one government party the Republicans and the Democrats is all the same Party That is against the American people the solution is to vote them out of government so we will have a small government in America 

Hi I’m Skiboky I’m with the independent party I have hands on experience On how to make New York City a big shiny red apple again from being shot three times in a NYC homeless shelter and false arrest, I Fight for homeless people rights to be safe in homeless shelters in the second circuit court of appeals of New York and won now they use Stora vs The city of New York all over America and as mayor I will continue to fight for homeless people and the less fortunate and stop the government from evicted them doing this COVID-19 pandemic and all New Yorkers

Because I know how it feels to be homeless If you could donate even $1 dollar, $5 dollars, 10 dollars to my Campaign it is greatly appreciated because I needs to raise $200,000 dollars By October so that I can debate the Democrat and Republican candidates in the October debates.

Help Elect Skiboky Stora!

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